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YES!! I Get In Seattle Area Galleries !!

On April 22 I demonstrated at the Gaia Show at the Duvall Gardens & Sunspaces Gallery. This experience meant so much to me. I wrote a story at Inkudu's Community.

In April I did my own sales repping in the Seattle area. My statues are in 7 shops and are selling. The Venues Page on this website will be updated pretty soon.

World Trials Championships Booth on North Side of Exhibition Hall at Klickitat County Fairgrounds June 9 & 10

Spring Projects

I'm working on a Lion plaque. It is a fierce face. I concentrated on the teeth and mouth, using animal anatomy atlases to work out an anatomical layup of the pallate and teeth. Teeth archetypically symbolize decision, action.
Eventually this plaque will be available as a wall fountain, too.

Other Spring projects include a Pheasant, Birdbath, and a Lop-eared Bunny. Most of my Spring projects are requests from people I talked to at shows. When I take a request, I start the process of developing a statue: concept, research, etc. During my reasearch of the pheasant, a pheasant farmer and a taxidermist in Dufur, Oregon assisted by letting me tour their establishments. If I get their permission, I certainly will mention their names here. Both men were extremely helpful, vastly knowledgeable, and very courteous.

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