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VENUES : Where you can buy my statues in the real world

Markets and Shows

World Trials Event Webpage

1 World Trials Chamionship, June 9 & 10, Klickitat County Fairgrounds, Goldendale, Washington.

This world championship event will be held June 9 & 10 at Goldendale, Washington. Trials bikes are motorcycles specially made by several world class companies. Riders train for years to manuever courses over very rough natural terrain. The event is visually astounding. Riders take the bikes up vertical cliff faces and through trails laden with basalt boulders. This is a unique and exciting sport. The site is the Klickitat County Fairgrounds and nearby Observatory Hill, a rugged and gorgeous venue.

I will have a vendor space on the north side of the Exhibition Hall at the fairgrougnds (see map, building 3). Goldendale is expecting 4-5,000 visitors for this event, which will double its population. I hope to meet as many people as I can in my little booth, so come by and say hi!

This is the only show I have scheduled, but I will attend several. I'll update this area as my itinerary develops.

Galleries and Shops

The Art Box - Fine Art Gallery, Art Supplies, Classes and More

The gallery in the Art Box (541-298-7151) at 517 E. 2nd, The Dalles, Oregon. The gallery offers prints, paintings, bronzes, ceramic and glass art pieces...boy, I guess you just have to go there. The Art Box also has art supplies and gifts. My Frog statue is in the window by an expensive bronze :)
The Bad News about being in a gallery: Since I got in the gallery, my prices on certain items are set. I can't come down on Frog, Green Woman, or Echinacea Bowl. Let me offer my Sincere Regrets to my fellow hagglers, who will no doubt be frustrated when I don't come down in price at shows, Saturday markets, and events. Sorry! I cannot come down a cent in price on these items. THE GOOD NEWS: I'm saving certain items for me to sell. These we can haggle over ;-}

Golden Thyme Country Crafts inside Fashion Crossroads

Fashion Crossroads (509-773-4819) at the corner of Main & Columbus in Goldendale, Washington, is a treat to shop in. There is really cute and unique women's clothing & accessories; also, the store has an artisan's and gift shop called Golden Thyme Country Crafts. This is a shop you can get pleasantly lost in for a little while. Many unique handmade and lovely objects. You can see my fountains displayed here. Hours are Monday through Saturday, 10-5:30.

Chester's on Broadway

Chester's on Broadway
(509-773-5543), 519 E. Broadway, Goldendale, Washington. Chester's motto is "Let's grow together for a healthy world." Ken, the owner, is knowledgeable about his products. He can supply all your organic gardening needs: certified organic fertilizers, soil supplements, tech support, and discounts for large purchases drop shipped to your site. Ken has focused on a small line of health supplements he sincerely believes in.

You know how sometimes you want to go shopping to just take a little "mini vacation"? Chester's on Broadway is one of those boutiques you can get lost in for a little while. Ken's retail space is enchanting. It has skylights, plants, a deck that is going to be a cool, breezy pleasure in summertime, and a pretty garden with a small brick walk and park bench. His interesting product line includes beautiful, trendy sterling silver rings and earrings with semi-precious gems (his prices are great!), hand woven saddle blankets, and saddles. Ken offers Gypsy Rose products, and when he gets clothing, his place will be the only store in Goldendale to offer that breezy, natural genre of blouses and dresses gals crave on summer evenings. He has a gift for hospitality - he has offered his conference room for planning an Artist's Market, next meeting 2:PM March 24. Interested craftspeople and artists please contact Ken or I, cuz with all the friendly, smart, enthusiastic artists involved in developing the Goldendale outdoor market by June, it's fun!! Chester's will certainly be a treasure on Fridays and Saturdays, when there is NO ENTERTAINMENT IN GOLDENDALE, when couples look at each other and say, "What do you want to do?" A little mini vacation at Ken's, naturally.

Meet Ken, Owner, Chester's on Broadway





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