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Here's a pictorial tour of the process I use to make statues.

Are you interested in a particular segment of statue making? Your comments, requests, and questions are important to me. Email me any time at

Browse through the following photographs.

1. Research Here is an example of part of the research for a pheasant sculpture. I visited a pheasant farm, took photographs, handled some birds, and talked with the farmer. He was very knowledgeable and helpful, an invaluable resource. For instance, notice color differences in these birds. One is a mutant, whose color can be bred for and is becoming popular with bird hunters.

2. Sculpture "Art is essentially individuality; in fact, individuality makes the artist." - Edouard Lanteri in his classic, Modelling, published first in 1902 and still used as textbook. My approach to sculpture is methodical. I focus on detail to bring forth concept - the 'aha' idea behind the form.

3. Mold Building Here is a photo of finished quail molds. They are made of rubber, plastic, and plaster. Sometime I'll post a series on the mold building process.

4. Choosing Aggregate This is the Lorena Butte quarry. This is one of over 5 dozen cinder cones in the Simcoe Volcanic Field. (Not all have quarries!) I formulate unusual concrete recipes using local rocks from the volcanic field and the Columbia River Gorge.

5. Casting Mixing cement and pouring statuary is hard labor. I do most of this myself, but have begged labor from my good brother Mike, and my husband Dean. My statues are so detailed casting can be problematic. It took seven months to develop a concrete recipe and casting technique that produces the Green Woman. After so much effort in an art piece, the final success is a deeply rewarding experience.

6. Finishing In this photo I am chasing out flashing, rough edges resultant of casting process. Sometimes the piece has to be "resculpted." During the finishing process statues can be hand brushed to bring out aggregate color or change the statue texture. I can also add color with pigments and stains. Usually I seal with marine grade urethane.

7. Display I hope you enjoy viewing my statuary wherever you see them displayed. Please see Venue Page for where to view my finished products in the Real World.

Thank You for Viewing my Process Page! :^D

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