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This is me at Chester's On Broadway.
Click image to find out about Chester's

This is a list of useful links I have compiled. If you wish to be added to this list, please send me an e-mail.

Columbia River Gorge Area Links and Links For Art and Other Research

ARL Services

ARL Services (A Reasonable Life) is a non-profit corporation with a mission of helping individuals and organizations become more self sufficient. Services include information sharing and assisting homeowners and businesses with the design and installation of renewable energy systems and independent water systems. ARL Services offer free initial consultation for all services and have references available. Contact ARL Services for ALL your renewable energy needs. Email at

The Art Box
The Art Box sells gifts, art supplies, and has a gallery of fine art. You can buy White Original Statuary at The Art Box, 517 E. 2nd, The Dalles, Oregon. Last time I looked, my Frog statue was in the window :-)

Bob the Angry Flower
Rude, obnoxious cartoon flower that cusses.

Chester's on Broadway
I love those cool little boutiques I can find useful, unusual treasures. It's like a mini vacation, an afternoon losing yourself in an interesting little shop. Check out Chester's.

Ed's Digital Art

Enjoy this fine photograph gallery. "I'm offering 8" X 10" prints for .50 plus 3.50 shipping and handling . I also can come and take your picture. Call for pricing."
Edward Crespin
6105 7 Mile Rd.
The Dalles, Oregon 97058
(541) 296 2530 (541) 980 5829

Stephen Datnoff Photograph Gallery
A diverse body of work of a wide variety and of unusual situations. See another of his galleries by pasting"D" in your browser window.

Dave's Wallpaper - Fine Landscape Photographs
You may download these pictures free for personal use only. Dave's Wallpaper is a gallery of scenic nature photographs from around the United States. You can decorate your computer screen with photos of landscapes, sunsets, or flowers. Included in the landscape photography, you will find mountains, canyons, rivers, lakes, deserts and even wildlife. You may post these pictures on your web site if you write a link to Dave's page on your page.

ET Trucking
Extra Terrestrial Trucking
309 W Main Street
Goldendale, Washington 98620-9521
509 773 3458

"Old fashioned flatbed service in the new millenium."

Extra Terrestrial Trucking has been a premiere provider of quality flatbed service up and down the west coast for ten years.


CHECK OUT this list of shippers ET Trucking has compiled! If you need to ship stuff, this will save you research time :^)

4 Sale in The Gorge
This service lists items in classifieds around Oregon for a small fee. One weekend per month advertising is free.

Golden Fleece
Karakul Sheep, Wool Sales & ArtFelt. Specializing in medium to coarse fibers. Dedicated to adding value to livestock growers' fleeces and bringing quality materials to fiber artists. Find out about ancient breeds of sheep and the prehistoric art of felting. See pics of the art of felting in progress at Four Diamonds Ranch Website.

GorgeLink is primarily focused on creating and maintaining an on-line hyperlinked community resources directory, providing the residents of the mid Columbia gorge free on-line access to one another, as well as helping them become more skilled in the use of information technologies through the use of on-line bulletin boards and chatlines. GorgeLink is also focused on helping residents of the mid-Columbia gorge community find resources from the internet and on the internet by posting indexes of links to quality web content providers.

Gallery, free classifieds, area links.

Gorge News & Chat
See Data's Lemonade Stand and The Artists' Junction.

Pictures, art, arrowheads, history, links, and humor from Mike Schlangen of Klickitat, Washington.

Idavollr Felag -
A Pagan Fellowship in the Columbia River Gorge Area
The Idavollr Felag is a fellowship open to all pagans in the Colombia River Gorge area.

Impaled Garden Gnomes
Do cute garden gnomes make the hair stand up on the back of your neck? This site takes revenge on 'em - heh, heh.

Joe's Hole in the WALL
Want to know about Joe?? Joe's personal site tells a little about what you want to know about Joe.

Made in THE GORGE website

Columbia Gorge Artists
Made in THE GORGE is a group of independent artists who run a shop at 403 Oak Street, Hood River, Oregon.
Katie Cordrey, a fine artist, masters this site and the Columbia Gorge Artists site which links to many local artists and communities. Read bios, view art. Her husband Wayne is a woodworker and member of Made in THE GORGE.

Mike Niemela's Information Superhighway
Mike is my computer tutor. Didn't he do a great job teaching me how to do this site? He worked at Microsoft. Mike is great at computer training, and his rates are reasonable - essential for novices truly requiring help. You can't imagine how much easier he can make computing for you. He says:
I teach you how to use your system. Find out how easy it is to recover from a crash. Master email, manipulate your files, and get what you want from the internet faster. I design training programs. If you are a first time computer user, need to brush up, or if you have a business and need your employees trained-
I can help!
Software Includes:
Internet Explorer
And Many More.
If you have not been trained on your system, you are wasting time and effort when you are at your computer. Call Mike. He can help.
Largest collection of free MP3s to play or download. Free MP3 software.
Online Highways is your source for specific information useful in planning a trip within the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Find lists of galleries, events, festivals.

the original Art Ring This Original Art Ring Site
is owned by

Josie White
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The Purple Hair Club
For the enlighted, artistic youth of the Pacific Northwest.

Raven Wings Olde Worlde Perfumery
From the Raven Wings page: Raven Wings products are carefully hand crafted from the finest pure and natural ingredients, and packaged in the most eco-friendly manner possible, utilizing reusable and recyclable glass and as little plastic as possible to provide you with a quality product that is earth friendly. No animal testing. All products are quality tested by the artist herself.

My own note: These perfumes, oils, incences, bath salts, lip balm, and more are the best I have ever experienced, no kidding. For instance, every other handmade perfume I've tried changes fragrance after a short time on my skin. These retain the beauty of first opening the jar and they last hours. Try them at Chester's On Broadway.

The Ring of Artistic Flames
Large www artists' webring. Surf the community.
Summit/Westward Energy Project
Golden Northwest's power plant project website. Includes a statement of purpose, "Why the Northwest needs this project," prepared by Brett Wilcox, Manager, Westward Energy, LLC and CEO of Golden Northwest Aluminum, Inc.

World Trials Event Webpage
This world championship event will be held June 9 & 10 at Goldendale, Washington. Trials bikes are motorcycles specially made by several world class companies. Riders train for years to manuever courses over very rough natural terrain. The event is visually astounding. Riders take the bikes up vertical cliff faces and through trails laden with basalt boulders. This is a unique and exciting sport. The site is the Klickitat County Fairgrounds and nearby Observatory Hill. I will have a vendor space on the north side of the Exhibition Hall at the fairgrougnds (see map, building 3). Goldendale is expecting 4-5,000 visitors for this event, which will double its population. I hope to meet as many people as I can in my little booth, so come by and say hi!

Enjoy getting to know the community!

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