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Chester's on Broadway - The Coolest Shop in Town

Chester's on Broadway
(509-773-5543), 519 E. Broadway, Goldendale, Washington. Chester's motto is "Let's grow together for a healthy world." Ken, the owner, is knowledgeable about his products. He can supply all your organic gardening needs: certified organic fertilizers, soil supplements, tech support, and discounts for large purchases drop shipped to your site. Ken has focused on a small line of health supplements he sincerely believes in.

You know how sometimes you want to go shopping to just take a little "mini vacation"? Chester's on Broadway is one of those boutiques you can get lost in for a little while. Ken's retail space is enchanting. It has skylights, plants, a deck that is going to be a cool, breezy pleasure in summertime, and a pretty garden with a small brick walk and park bench. His interesting product line includes beautiful, trendy sterling silver rings and earrings with semi-precious gems (his prices are great!), Raven Wings Olde Worlde Perfumes, hand woven saddle blankets, and saddles. I am pleased White Original Statuary is in his shop. Ken offers Gypsy Rose products, and when he gets clothing, his place will be the only store in Goldendale to offer that breezy, natural genre of blouses and dresses gals crave on summer evenings. He has a gift for hospitality - he has offered his conference room for planning an Artist's Market, next meeting 2:PM Saturday March 24. Interested craftspeople and artists please contact Ken or I, cuz with all the friendly, smart, enthusiastic artists involved in developing the Goldendale outdoor market by June, it's fun!! Chester's will certainly be a treasure on Fridays and Saturdays, when there is NO ENTERTAINMENT IN GOLDENDALE, when couples look at each other and say, "What do you want to do?" A little mini vacation at Ken's, naturally.

Meet Ken, Owner, Chester's on Broadway

We Artists, Craftspeople, and Small Farmers Organize to hold Outdoor Markets by June

Our first meeting Saturday 2-24 was successful!! 15 artists signed in. Each is very talented. For instance, Mr. C------ showed us a ~7' crosscut handsaw he'd painted a landscape on. It was so good, it made you stand and look it over. He is multi-talented, has led an interesting life, and is easy to chit chat with. The other artists are like this, too. Now artists in our community are meeting each other, getting to know names & faces, and are organizing for profit & fulfillment in our work.

We want to be some kind of organization all legal on paper. Several people are info gathering: licensing, taxes, insurance, what kind of organization we have to be on paper. One aspect of success of this first meeting is each artisan's eagerness to take on these tasks. We want to be holding outdoor markets by June.

The meeting was very short notice. Ken (Owner, Chester's on Broadway) & I started posting announcements in Gorge News & Chat, and my husband and I posted flyers around Main Street just 4 or 5 days before. Alex at Y102 did us a great turn by announcing the meeting during peak listening times. Thanks very much, Alex! :-) You're on my list of cool people.

Our next meeting is March 10, 2:PM, in the Conference Room at Chester's on Broadway (509-773-5543), 519 E. Broadway, Goldendale, Washington. This week I met several artisans shopping at Chester's who are really contributing to our community and are interested in organizing. For example, two knitters donate service so each baby born in Goldendale can have a practical, beautiful handmade baby blanket. All artists, craftspeople, and small farmers invited :^) Come one, Come all.

The March 10 Meeting included an enlightening talk given by Terry, member of an artists' co-op near Spokane. He explained their non-profit organization includes outreach programs for their community; for instance, a pool of craftspeople the community can draw on for educational programs. Terry himself teaches alternative schoolchildren several times a month.

He got cogs turning. We craftspeople and small farmers have many options for community interaction we may decide to explore.

I brought up the front page story in the March 1 Cascade Weekly paper about the new Hood River Artists' Co-op. I'm hoping the group will keep this in mind, and maybe someday we can man our own year-round locally grown produce store / gallery. We wouldn't have to wait for nice weather to offer our goods.

Pamela Forbes, a local shepherdess and wool felter and owner of Golden Fleece, and I have been digging up info. Tom Seifert at the Klickitat County Resource Development office was very helpful. He suggested that since we don't have time to become a non-profit organization and receive grant money by the start of this year's outdoor market season, we ought to get another co-op to like sponsor us. We are preparing a letter of our intentions for the next Klickitat County Graingrowers board meeting on March 21. The gal at their office said she'd present it at the meeting for us.

The Department of Transportation shows the highest traffic in Klickitat County is at Maryhill State Park. It was suggested we approach a landowner next to the park and try to lease a spot to have our market. Or maybe they would donate a spot. We like free.

Although many of us have participated in outdoor markets, no one here has any experience organizing one. We need help. We're just trying to get an outdoor market going by June. What are your thoughts? Please email me any time :^)

We have a primo site! Gary and Allene Takahashi, landowners by Maryhill Park, are providing a primo site for the market :^) The site is beside their Maryhill Fruitstand and new greenhouses, and across the street from the turn off to Peach Beach. As I stated above, the Department of Transportation shows Maryhill State Park receives the highest traffic in Klickitat County with 350,000 visitors per year. The Takahashi's Maryhill Fruit Stand is the first one on the road there. This is truly a primo site. Please, let's email a "Thank You" to the Takahashis.

As you may have already read above, the Klickitat County Resource Development Office suggested since our artists' group doesn't have time or money to start up our own non-profit org or recieve grant money before this market season, we get another non-profit to sponsor us. We have sponsorship!! Gretchen & Eric Olsen of ARL Services have consented to sponsor the market :^) They agreed to lease the site from the Takahashis, pay for advertising and any permits, and keep the books. Their mentorship and support is going to be a blessing. Please, let's all email a "Thank You!" to the Olsens.

Our next steps are naming the market, writing a membership agreement, promoting the market, and inviting every artist, craftsperson, and farmer around Planet Goldendale to attend the market.

I am working on writing the membership agreement. This is the "sign here in agreement to our rules and you're on our list of vendors who can rent a spot" paper. I decided to copy last year's Hood River Saturday Market fee schedule since it was time tested for our area and ran this by several members of our group; therefore, the fees will be 30 dollars per year membership and 13 dollars per Saturday space rent. The rest of the membership rules will be a composite of outdoor market rules our group has gathered from successful markets like Yakima, Lane County, Eugene, and Portland. These rules range from simple to complex. The Lane County Saturday Market has numerous restrictions; forinstance, they take a percentage of vendors' gross sales and Play Doh is specifically not allowed there. :^) As Brandi says, let's "Keep it Simple."

The membership agreement will be posted here for your downloading convenience :)

Katie Cordrey has impressive experience in art. View her art at Columbia Gorge Artists website. Click on "Katie's Art." If you're an artist let her know because Katie would like to generate a complete list of Gorge artists on this page. Her experience with business aspects of art is impressive. She has emailed me many specific gems of advice on market orgainization. She gives time and effort to Made in THE GORGE, an artists' cooperative with their own store in Hood River at 403 Oak Street, and their own Made in THE GORGE website. Please, let's all email a "Thank You!" to Katie for her mentorship.

In addition to the Maryhill markets, which we hope to begin on Memorial Day weekend, our group wants to target specific dates to hold markets within the city of Goldendale, which will begin sooner. Larry Bellamy at Goldendale City Hall decided we buy a single city business license. All vendors are covered by that license. Each vendor does not have to purchase their own 40 dollar city business license each year to participate in our market. Let's support his decision by emailing a "Thank You!" to Larry Bellamy :^)

Planet Goldendale is celebrating Earth Days on April 21 & 22! This is a great weekend for our first outdoor market in the city of Goldendale. Let's offer Goldend-aliens a unique shopping experience and get profit and fulfillment in our work :^) Next meeting is 2:PM Saturday April 14 in the Conference Room at Chester's on Broadway (509-773-5543), 519 E. Broadway, Goldendale, Washington. :^D

What are your thoughts? They are valuable. Email me any time.

Goldendale Artisans Cooperative is having its first outdoor market Saturday April 21!

When - Saturday April 21 from 11:AM to 4:PM.

Where - At Chester's on Broadway (509-773-5543), 519 E. Broadway, Goldendale, Washington.

How much does it cost to sell stuff there? - Nothing! This first market is free to all artisans and farmers who want to sell their handmade or grown products. We hope to encourage your membership in the co-op so you can vend at our markets in Maryhill and Goldendale this summer. Although the market management positions are filled by volunteers we have other expenses. Market expenses will be paid for with membership fees. Membership is 30 dollars per year, plus 13 dollars space rent per market you attend. Unlike other markets - for instance Yakima and Lane County Saturday Markets - we will not charge other fees such as a percentage of your gross sales. Membership booklets and agreement forms will be available at this first market. Come check it out! Market managers will be available to answer your questions and help you set up.

I want to sell my art / crafts / produce. Do I need my own table? - Yes! We provide only the space. You bring your display, table, EZ-up, etc.

Do I need a Goldendale city business license? - No! All vendors are covered by a license purchased by our sponsor, ARL Services

Contact - Market managers Josie White, email, phone(509) 773-6768 or Pamela Forbes, email, phone (509) 773-6122. We are glad to help you with your questions.

Call to Artisans & Farmers, Musicians & Entertainers for the Market! - Come one, come all! Please contact us so we can better plan the market :^)

This first market is going to be a great celebration of Earth Day!

CURRENTLY WITH OUTDOOR MARKET (hit "Refresh" or "Reload" for updates)

Our goal is to make a unique shopping experience for our community and make for ourselves profit and fulfillment in our work.

Here is the final draft (YAY!) of The Goldendale Artisans Cooperative Information Pamphlet, Membership Agreement and Membership Application.

This is a 9 page document. The first page is a title page showing our temporary logo. We will hold a contest to design our permanent logo. The title page also has a photo of the primo market site we have. The second page is the table of contents.

Pages 3 - 8 are information about what the co-op is, how to become a member, some co-op business, and how to sell at our Maryhill Saturday Market.

Page 9 is the Membership Agreement and Application. When you fill out and submit Page 9 along with your membership fee you are saying you have read and agree to the co-op's rules.

Finally, bring your wares to the market by 10:30 am any Saturday from May 26 to September 29. A market manager will review them and you can start SELLING! We must do a hands-on review to ensure your wares comply with co-op policies. Our policies are delineated in Section V of the Info Pamphlet. Sound scary? All it says, pretty much, is you have to make 75% of everything in your booth yourself. 25% of your booth's wares can be resale (stuff not made by you, the artisan). We're just making sure our market is artisans instead of yard sale.

This Page provided by White Original Statuary, Josie White, Owner (509) 773-6768

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